Thursday, August 26, 2010

Book: The Five Pillars of İslam

English version of the book I made for my son. It's about "The Five Pillars of Islam". Here is the front page.

An introduction page with dua' from Surah Ibrahim and a house reminding the hadeeth:
“Islam has been built upon five things – on testifying that there is no god save Allah, and that Muhammad is His Messenger; on performing salah; on giving the zakah; on Hajj to the House; and on fasting during Ramadhan.”

One is Shahada. "What is its meaning?" and "What happens when we say shahada?"

Two is Salah. Five daily prayers with pictures... (Pictures from Talibiddeenjr but I changed a bit.)

Three is Sawm. A fast day with pictures...

Four is Zakat. Its percentage, it does not decrease but increases our money, and it cleans our possessions.

Five is Hajj. Hajj makes everyone equal, it's in Dhil Hijjah...

Let's Repeat the five pillars of Islam and Let's Answer the questions about them.

Last page. Here is the lyrics of the nasheed "Buniyal Islamu 'ala Khamsin"
I hope you enjoyed it.

As soon as possible I will put its printable version insha Allah.
Edit: Here is the link you can download the file. I hope it is beneficial.


  1. Wow mashaAllah that is a fantastic book :) I'm looking forward to the printable!

  2. Masha-Allah a wonderful yet simple book. I love page 14, we often do hand tracing and labeling as a craft to learn the 5 pillar. So this ties in really well.

  3. Absolutely Super ........mashaallah great work ....even I would be wating for a pritable version of it.

  4. Ma sha Allah, this is beautiful!!!!!

  5. Assalamu-alykum,


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