Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Khatim Celebration

After my son finished first ten juz....

I made a cake like this...

After he finished second ten juz...

I made a cake like this. He asked me to make a Spiderman cake for boys and a Winks club cake for girls. But I chose Hello Kity which is more innocent from Winks club girls.

After he finished third ten juz...

I made this cake and I wrote on it: "During a life long with Qur'an inshaAllah"

and some cookies for his classmates.

I prepared a card with magnet for his classmates as a special gift and meaningful memory..

I changed a picture from newmuslimkids, printed and laminated. It says
"Have you read Qur'an today?"

On the fridge :)

I made a Khatim certificate for him, too.

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