Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Prophet and A Craft

Nowadays, we are making activities from this book with my son. In the book, there are short stories of some prophets and there is a craft for each. After you tell your child stories of prophet or reading together from a book, you can make these activities.
This craft is about Prophet Dawood who made the first armor. After telling his story you can make this craft with your child. First from a construction paper, you make something like vest. Then glue on it some metal beads.

This craft is about Prophet Moosa who was carried in a basket on the Nile. Using a small box, first you made a basket and cover with a brown construction paper every side of the basket. Then you glue nutshells on the paper.

This craft is about Prophet Shu'aib whose people did not give just measure and weight. You can make a scale after telling his story. Make three holes for each plastic bowl. Tie them to a child clothe hanger. You can show him how to measure with the scale and try to balance it. (You can measure his small toys, some pulses etc.)

This is Prophet Nooh's ark. First on a blue construction paper draw a boat shape. Then glue some spaghetti on the shape and cloth buttons. For the clouds glue some cotton.

As we make crafts about prophets I will go on publishing them insa'Allah.