Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week by Week Calendar

When I made this calendar I was inspired from here. Original one is here. I put two form of calendars. I used hijri months too. This calendar helps my son to learn
  • types of calendars and name of the months belongs to them,
  • name of seasons,
  • name of eids and the other special dates, (Eidu'l Fitr, Laylatu'l Qadr etc.)
  • that numbers are used when we say days of months,
  • words of "yesterday, today, tomorrow"
  • to observe and express the weather forecast.
For this calendar I prepared and laminated,
  • month cards for both calendar (Gregorian and Hijri)
  • cards for eids and the other special dates
  • number cards for days of monhts
  • cards for yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • cards for weather forecast.
Some of special day cards... (Laylatu'l Mi'raj, Laylatu'l Baraat, Laylatu'l Qadr, Eidu'l Adha, Eidu'l Fitr, holiday, birthday, no school, new year etc...)

Weather forecast cards...

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