Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Different Forms of Letters

It might be very complicated for a child to learn different forms of letters. To make it easier you can make letter cards like this. On each card you can put the whole letter and signalize main part of the letter. Generally we called this part as "the head" of the letter and the other parts as " the tail" of the letter.

Here is one more activity to teach different forms of letters (between the letters, at the end of the word etc.)
What you need? 60 word cards (48 of them easy, 12 of them more difficult. Difficult ones have star mark) and 28 small letter cards.
How to play? The child chooses a word card and tries to put the letters of the word in a seperate order.

I coloured the letters of the words so you can help the child by asking "What letter is the blue one?" etc.

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